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Stage 2 Results

5th Question | The main promotional image selected to represent the 19th WONCA Europe Conference is inspired by which measuring instrument?

a) A watch
b) An astrolabe
c) A sphygmomanometer

Right answer: b)


6th Question | According to the most recent historical evidence, the city that will host the 19th WONCA Europe Conference, Lisbon, was founded by which ancient people?

a) The Phoenicians
b) The Greeks
c) The Carthaginians

Right answer: a)


7th Question | Which of these cities never hosted a WONCA Europe Conference?

a) Florence
b) Stockholm
c) Berlin

Right answer: c)


8th Question | What will be the venue for the 19th WONCA Europe Conference?

a) Centro de Congressos de Lisboa
b) Feira Internacional de Lisboa
c) Palácio Nacional de Congressos

Right answer: a)

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