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Rules and Participation

Article 1
1. The “WONCA Europe 2014 Quiz” is a competition created by the 19th WONCA Europe Conference’s Organising Committee, whose interest is to stimulate a broad participation of the medical community.
Participants may sign up to this Quiz by answering four questions, posted monthly on the WONCA Europe Conference 2014 website (www.woncaeurope2014.org), during a global period of four months - a total of 16 questions.
Article 2
1. The Quiz is open to all members of the medical profession, regardless of their origin, nationality, place of work/residence and age.
2.  All members of the 19th WONCA Europe Conference’s Organising Committee, Scientific Committee and International Advisory Board are excluded from this Quiz.
3. Every competitor must answer a total of 16 questions, divided by four series of four questions, posted monthly on the 19th WONCA Europe Conference’s website (www.woncaeurope2014.org). Each group of four questions will be released in a different month, starting in January 2014 and ending in April 2014.
Article 3
(Mandatory requirements)
1. Participation is only official after the candidate’s registration form is completed and validated, at the conference´s website (www.woncaeurope2014.org).
2. By filling the registration form and answering all the Quiz’s questions, the competitors irreversibly accept the rules laid out by this document, accepting the commitment to decline any judicial or administrative proceedings to resolve differences of opinion or interpretation, regarding the Quiz.  
Article 4
1. Should any doubts persist, concerning the present set of rules, all inquiries must be directed to the following e-mail address: 
Article 5
1. All data submitted by the competitors, through the registration form, will be managed and kept in absolute confidentiality. Every piece of information can only be used for identification and application processing purposes. After the 5th of July, 2014, all the information associated with the Quiz will be destroyed.
Article 6 
The present Quiz features the following stages:
Stage 1:
a) Data gathering and analysis.
Stage 2:
a) Selection of  the winner by the jury, amongst the competitors that answered correctly to the 16 questions, or that answered correctly to a minimum number of 12 questions.
b) Winning notification, through e-mail message or telephone, as well as results announcement on the conference’s website (www.woncaeurope2014.org).
Article 7
1. All the submitted answers will be examined by the jury, composed of:
a) A representative of the19th WONCA Europe Conference’s Organising Committee;
b) A representative of the19th WONCA Europe Conference’s Scientific Committee;
c) A representative of the National Board of the Portuguese Association of General and Family Medicine.
2. All the answers will be examined by the jury without any identifying elements or features; 
3. All decisions reached by the jury are final and may not be contested.
Article 8
1. The Quiz’s prize is a free registration to the 19th WONCA Europe Conference 2014.
2. Only one competitor may win the prize.
3. In case of a draw, the order of arrival of the answers will be a determining factor.
4. A certificate will be presented to the winner, at the 19th WONCA Europe Conference Secretariat, between the 2nd and the 5th of July 2014, so long as the winning competitor produces a valid identification document.
Article 9
(Time Frame)
1. The Quiz’s questions will be revealed according to the following time frame:
a) Online publishing of the first sequence of questions: 2nd of January, 2014;
b) Online publishing of the second sequence of questions: 3rd of February, 2014;
c) Online publishing of the third sequence of questions: 3rd of March, 2014;
d) Online publishing of the forth sequence of questions: 1st of April, 2014.
2. The winner will be informed by e-mail, until the 5th of May, 2014; 
3. The winner’s name and nationality will be posted on the 19th WONCA Europe Conference’s website.

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