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Running workshop on how to prescribe exercise

On July 4 (Friday), the 19th WONCA Europe Conference will offer you the opportunity to take part in a very motivating and different workshop.  
The Running workshop on how to prescribe exercise is, in fact, a 5 km morning run through Lisbon. Start the day off with a unique workshop, discovering some of Lisbon’s most emblematic sites, whilst learning how to assist your patients in starting their own discovery tour of physical activity.
Exercise promotion is a part of our daily activities as a Family Doctor/GP, and it is important to know how to prescribe specific activities for the patient in front of us.
So, there are plenty of good reasons to enroll in the workshop and help your patients to become fit and less vulnerable to diseases.
The workshop starts at 7:30 am, between the famous 25th of April Bridge and Belem, by the riverside and the meeting point will be the Lisbon Congress Centre. You should be aware that the run will advance over a soft asphalt surface (urban running track) and cobblestones and that the number of participants is limited. Acting as trainers/facilitators during this workshop will be two Portuguese family doctors that a have a personal history closely associated with sports and physical activities.
Cecília Shinn played for the Portuguese national basketball team for 13 years. She is also a triathlon athlete, a sport in which she distinguished herself as Amateur World Vice-Champion (long distance), in 2012.
Rizério Salgado is an ex-triathlon athlete, a regular middle and long distance runner and walker.
If you wish to participate in this workshop, please fill the registration form below and send it to the following e-mail address: wonca2014@woncaeurope2014.org.
Pre-registration is required to participate and there will be transportation back to the Congress Centre, after the workshop is completed.


Workshop Registration Form
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