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Book comemorates ten years of VdGM

A part of the 10th anniversary celebration program, the Vasco da Gama Movement (VdGM) released a book called “10 years sailing, much more to discover”.


Michael Kidd, president of WONCA World, declared during the official book launching session that this work constitutes “a wonderful present”.


During the revealing of this commemorative work, sponsored by the Portuguese Association of Family Medicine (APMGF), the president of WONCA Europe, Job Metsemakers, stated that the VdGM inspired many trainees and young family doctors, but also senior doctors, that were always very much impressed and inspired thanks to the energy demonstrated by VdGM members.


On the other hand, João Sequeira Carlos, president of APMGF and of the 19th WONCA Europe Conference (he was the leader of VdGM between 2007 and 2009) declared that “the legacy of VdGM is going to be maintained with the help of multiple generations of family doctors. Never forget that we can only build a future and live the present, to the fullest, if we know our past”.


The current president of VdGM, Harris Lygidakis, believes this commemorative book contains “diverse stories that are born in the midst our complex and heterogeneous continent. Nevertheless, there are two common points that bind these stories: a respectful look towards the past and a bouquet of wishes for the future”.

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